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Blowers and Accessories
Sullivan's Air Express III
Sold complete with hose, filter, and hose clamp. Available in black, blue, purple, lime green, red, silver, and pink.
Price: $410.00
Air Express Filter
Air Express III Cartridge Filter
Price: $10.00
Hose Clamp
Hose clamp
Price: $3.00
Blower Tip Complete
Black tip with gray tube
Price: $11.00
Blower Holder
Attaches a blower to the top of any Sullivan Grooming Chute.
Price: $29.50
15' hose for Air Express
Complete with nozzle tip
Price: $55.50
Express Fogger complete
Blower fogger used for fogging liquids directly onto livestock
Price: $27.50
Toggle switch
toggle switch
Price: $7.50
Hose Cuff
hose cuff
Price: $6.50
Blower tip only
blower tip only
Price: $9.50
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