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 Fans & Cooling
24" Turbo Fan
This 24” livestock fan provides the following features: • Innovative blade design features a 3 wing blade system to blow air at a higher velocity for more overall airflow. • The TURBO is equipped with a heavy duty ½ horsepower ball bearing motor that is perfectly engineered to the blade and guard so that it can deliver the maximum velocity of air possible. Super efficient- only draws 4 amps of electricity! • Specially designed guard is built to last. It is reinforced in areas that other fans are weak. Shape of guard is designed to better protect the blade from damage. No other fan guard withstands the rigors of the show road like the Turbo.
Price: $265.00
Triangle Fan Hanger
Mounts a fan to walls, posts or ceilings. Adjustable pivot allows you to aim the fan in desired direction.
Price: $28.50
Fan Bracket Hanger
Easily hangs a fan from a 2 x 4 or rafter.
Price: $12.50
20" Turbo Fan
Works well for the small animal exhibitor. Equipped with a 1/3 horsepower, totally enclosed, ball bearing motor. Same features as the 24" Turbo fan.
Price: $235.00
Upright fan stand
Set up or take down in minutes. Height is adjustable. Made of 2" tubing. Mounting brackets are included to nail to front of stall.
Price: $85.50
Fan hanger bracket
Replacement part for upright fan stand. Fan hanger bracket
Price: $9.50
Fan stand cart
This handy fan stand moves easily and has an adjustable height from 3'5" to 4'. Will hold one fan.
Price: $100.00
Arctic Mist Tip
Fits Arctic Circle or Fan cage kit.
Price: $4.00
Arctic mist blocker
Fits arctic mist circle or fan cage kit.
Price: $4.00
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