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Grooming Chutes
Aluminum Cadillac Chute 7 foot
Super light, easily portable for shows. Aluminum side bars and head gate bars have been powder coated so no aluminum color rubs off. 115 lbs
Price: $829.50
Hybrid Cadillac Chute
Offers the best of both worlds. Lightness of an aluminum yet the strength of steel. 7 foot 150 lbs
Price: $829.50
Chute Pin
Fits cadillac chutes
Price: $3.50
Maroon Folding Mat
Folds into 2 places and has built-in handles. Measures 30" X 7'
Price: $98.50
Purple folding Mat
Measures 18” wide x 48” long
Price: $59.50
Paper Towel Holder
Attaches paper towels to cadillac chutes for easy cleanup of cattle.
Price: $31.00
Padded Chute Floor
Chute floor offers extra thick, cushioned padding to keep the animal from getting tired white standing in the chute. Comes complete with wood floor, high density foam padding, all covered in a durable multi-purpose carpet. Available for 7 foot and 8 foot chutes.
Price: $145.50
Aluminum Head Tie
Replacement head tie for either all aluminum chute or hybrid chute.
Price: $74.00
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