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Sheep Products
Spandex lamb tubes
A special stretch tube specifically for show lambs. Keeps lambs tight hided and clean until show time.
Price: $17.50
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Sheep blankets with mesh butt
The mesh design at the rear of this blanket prevents urine stains on the labm by allowing urine to pass through. Available in Medium, Large, and XL.
Price: $25.50
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Sheep blanket
Made of a cotton blend, this blanket can breathe and will not cause any damage to the fleece. Don’t let all of your hard work in fitting and trimming go to waste because you failed to blanket. Available in XS, small, medium, and large.
Price: $37.00
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A tremendous product for show lambs. Use daily or as a show day preparation to add the ultimate silky smooth handle to the lambs skin.
Price: $22.50
Freshen Up
Moisturize and refresh a show lamb's hide. Great for show day or use at home to prevent the hide from drying out.
Price: $8.75
case $98.50 FREC:
Wonder Wool
The pro's choice of wool set. Ideal for setting wool and to use while blocking. 1/2 gallon
Price: $23.50
White Pearl
The perfect show day grooming product for dull and hard to hold wool. It delievers a shiny white color along with the tack to set wool in the desired position. 1/2 gallon.
Price: $23.50
Sullivan's Cadillac Sheep Stand
New design features a 22” x 54” platform with telescoping front legs. The neck design adjusts in height from 25” to 44” above platform. It also adjusts 12” out from front of stand to better utilize the entire platform when telescoping legs are used or when working with large framed sheep. The Re-designed head piece features an easy locking mechanism to make it virtually impossible for sheep to escape yet offers quick release. The stand folds up for easy hauling.
Price: $280.00
Sullivan's Hybrid Sheep Stand
This stand has all of the great features of the cadillac stand. It offers the best of both worlds - the lightness of aluminum plus the added durability of steel. The stand is equipped with a durable steel head piece and legs. The platform is made of lightweight aluminum and measures 22” wide x 54” long. The stand folds for easy hauling.
Price: $325.00
Replacement steel head piece
Fits both cadillac and hybrid sheep stands
Price: $59.50
Sheep rope halter black
Strong enough for breaking and washing, stylish enough for showring. Available for lambs and adult sheep. Also available in blue, maroon, pink, and lime. Dozen of each $45.00
Price: $4.00
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Soft braid sheep halter Red
A soft hollow rope. Also known as ski rope. Gentle on animal. Available in many colors
Price: $4.00
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Nylon sheep halter Black
Use for show or leave on as a turn-out halter. Made of 3/4" wide nylon, includes a detachable lead with a snap. Adjusts under the chin to fit various sizes of lambs and sheep.
Price: $15.00
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Foot trimming shears
Foot trimming shears. Cheaper version
Price: $21.00
Foot trimming shears.
Foot trimming shears. 2" blade
Price: $32.00
Foot trimming shears
Foot trimming shears. 3" blade
Price: $37.00
BBN Sheep shears
The famous B&B shears, excellent quality that is preferred by many. 6" blade.
Price: $36.50
Red Shank Shears
Hinds patented red shank hand shears, double hollow ground wtih straight edge. 6 1/2" blade
Price: $36.50
Blanket pins
4 inches in length.
Price: $0.50
Leather sheep shear guard
Fits tightly over cutting edge of shears to protect against bending and breaking tips. Quality leather construction.
Price: $8.50
Poodle card
Small card with softer wires. A favorite of professionals, use on ears, legs and toplines of animals.
Price: $10.00
Wool card #1
Straight tooth for packing or raking the fleece.
Price: $29.50
Wool card #2
Large volumes of bent teeth used in open fleece, ideal for medium wool breeds.
Price: $29.50
Wool card #3
Less teeth than #2 card, bent teeth are ideal for fine wool breeds.
Price: $29.50
Wool card #4
Small card for head, ears, and legs.
Price: $15.50
Wool card #5
ON SALE. Small pocket card for touching up around the ears and legs.
Price: $5.00
Wool card #6
ON SALE. Cleaning card with curved face for use in cleaning other cards.
Price: $5.00
Utility feeder
This utility feeder is great for grain, minerals, or salt. It holds about 5 lbs. of grain.
Price: $9.00
Drench gun 60 cc
Pistol grip drench gun with steel probe.
Price: $27.00
Hot marking crayon Red
Use with ram harness. Variety of colors to choose from.
Price: $6.00
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New Safari lamb tubes
Fun, bold colors.
Price: $17.50
Cool Blue Show Brace
Spray evenly over the entire body for a great shine, but more importantly a fresh, firm feel to the hide.
Price: $22.50
Nylon ram marking harness
Made of soft, durable nylon straps. Completely adjustable.
Price: $22.00
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